Gucci honours 90th anniversary with new watches

First published: 26-05-2011

Well-known fashion brand Gucci has decided to celebrate a special year in its business with some new timepieces, those with an interest in fashion watches may want to note.

The Coupe tickers are being launched in order to honour the company's 90th anniversary celebrations.

Consumers will find plenty to attract themselves towards purchasing one of these timepieces, such as its retro-style case, bracelet and dial designs.

To delve further into the dial's style, watch fans will be able to spot a diamond pattern commonly associated with Gucci, as well as Swiss-made automatics with Dubois Depraz modules powering the timepiece's movement.

A G.Gucci 1921 signature can also be found at the 12 o'clock position of the ticker - in honour of its celebratory year – while the brand's 'G' logo is sported on both the crown and strap.

The Coupe joins other fashionable watch collections from Gucci, such as the sleek G-Frame range for women and the men's assortment of G-Timeless watches.


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