Google releases line of watches

First published: 01-02-2012

Google has announced it is the latest company to look into producing watches as the online firm revealed a line of timepiece that had been created with Modify Watches.

Taking inspiration from its own symbols and logos, Google has developed the line to include images like the green Android symbol that is used for mobile devices powered by the technology.

However, those who hold a strong allegiance to its online offering can select the Chrome symbol, or pick the standard Google logo to adorn their timepiece.

The watches are also sold with interchangeable straps, so wearers have the option of selecting either a white or black band to sport with their timepiece.

A separate green design is also available.

Watches could increasingly feature interesting designs in the future, as several companies have recently teamed up with well-known artists to create a distinctive look for the dials of their timepieces. 


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