Gold, silver, and heart-shaped: A guide to locket necklaces

First published: 08-03-2018

Locket necklaces are a special kind of accessory. Designed to hold precious keepsakes, such as a family photo or a lock of hair, lockets add sentimentality and romance to what might otherwise be a simple necklace.

From traditional gold lockets to heart-shaped designs, we run through classic and modern styles and showcase some of our favourites. Find out everything you need to know about styling a locket necklace and how to choose one that is sure to become a family heirloom cherished for decades.

Get the vintage look with a gold locket necklace

Gold lockets have been worn by royalty - such as the famous mourning locket Queen Victoria cherished after Prince Albert's death - as well as everyday folk throughout the centuries, and they are the most popular and traditional type of locket.

A great choice if you're looking for a classical design that has a vintage appeal, you can choose from yellow, rose, and white gold lockets and are sure to find a design that suits your (or your loved one's) individual style.

Jewellery 9ct Gold Polished Round Locket

Locket necklace: Gold polished round locket (RRP £245)

The elegant round shape and irresistible shine of this gold polished round locket (RRP £245) makes it a timeless choice, perfect for anyone with a classic sense of style. It's subtle enough to suit your everyday attire but will also stand out beautifully at a formal event, especially when worn against a high-necked dress or blouse.

Jewellery Essentials Ladies 9ct Rose Gold 20mm Flower Locket AJ-14010042

Locket necklace: Ladies' 9ct rose gold flower locket (RRP £180)

The pale pink tone of this rose gold flower locket (RRP £180) has a vintage feminine appeal, and the delicate floral pattern is reminiscent of charming Victorian style. The generous oval shape provides plenty of space to display a favourite picture. Complete the look by pairing it with a lacy white dress, or give it a punk-inspired twist with ripped jeans and boots.

Modern meets traditional: Silver locket necklaces

Silver lockets bring this jewellery tradition right up to date, adding a modern shine to an old-world concept. They're available in everything from bright, eye-catching designs to understated, muted styles.Where a gold locket might call out for attention, a silver piece adds a subtle touch of glamour to any ensemble.

Jewellery Essentials Ladies Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Locket AJ-37230775

Locket necklace: Sterling silver mother of pearl locket (RRP £130)

Blending bright metal with a hint of colour and texture, this sterling silver mother of pearl locket (RRP 130) has a luxurious, earthy appeal. The milky mother of pearl centre adds depth and detail, softening the gleaming silver. Great for anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural materials, it'll add a touch of intrigue to a classic trousers-and-blouse combo.

Jewellery Essentials Ladies Sterling Silver Locket Pendant AJ-37230863

Locket necklace: Sterling silver locket pendant (RRP £130)

Make a contemporary fashion statement with this sterling silver locket pendant (RRP £130). Simple yet eye-catching, the oversized shape has an almost matt finish, giving it an ultra-modern appeal. It's a great choice for anyone who appreciates classic pieces but prefers them with an unusual twist.

Embrace your inner romantic with a heart-shaped locket necklace

Heart-shaped locket necklaces are unapologetically sentimental and make a perfect gift for anyone who can't resist a touch of classic romance. Perfect for special occasions like Valentine's Day or a landmark anniversary, these heart-style pendants range from modest and traditional to feminine and fun, so you can find a perfect match for the person who wears their heart on their sleeve.

Jewellery Essentials Ladies 9ct White Gold 12mm Heart Locket AJ-14010048

Locket necklace: Ladies' 9ct white gold heart locket (RRP £110)

Offering a quirky spin on the classic heart shaped locket, the playful butterfly pattern on this 9ct white gold heart locket (RRP £110) gives it a fun and light-hearted feel. The detailed design stands out on the white gold heart, creating a dainty and feminine piece that promises to bring something special to your outfit every single day.

Jewellery 9ct Gold Locket

Locket necklace: Gold jewellery 9ct gold locket (RRP £185)

You can't go wrong with a classic, gold, heart-shaped locket (RRP £185). The ribbed border makes the shape stand out even more, and the bright metallic finish is sure to draw a gasp of delight from whoever unwraps this stunning piece. Wonderfully sentimental and classy enough to wear every day, it's the perfect choice when you want to show someone they're very loved.

There's a reason lockets have been a popular type of jewellery for centuries; beautiful and sentimental, they bring the perfect balance of style and thoughtfulness to your wardrobe. Browse our full range of lockets to find the perfect fit for you or your loved one.


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