Girard-Perregaux to release Cat's Eye Small Second

First published: 22-11-2010

Girard-Perregaux has recently unveiled a few luxury watches, which could make a great gift for a special woman this Noel.

First, the company revealed the 1966 Small Second, which comes with an enamel dial and is finished off in either a white or rose gold design, Watch Luxus reported.

Now, the news source noted how the elegant fashion watchmaker is to release the Cat's Eye Small Second, which is as luxurious as any product before it.

Some of the design elements which should appeal to watch buyers as soon as they glimpse upon this product include a mother-of-pearl dial – in either a black or white tone – and a white or red gold case being highlighted with some dazzling diamond additions.

The markers on the watch face are also designed with care, as each hour is sculptured using a precious set stone, except for the six, nine and 12 o'clock positions, which is manufactured in gold wire cut.

Buyers may also notice the omission of the three o'clock marker, which has been replaced by a halo-shaped date window.


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