Girard-Perregaux details the John Harrison watch

First published: 13-06-2011

People who like to travel the world should be sure to check out a new Girard-Perregaux watch which could help them on their journey.

Entitled the John Harrison, the timepiece honours the famous British watchmaker, who created the H-4 ticker as a device that could measure a ship's longitude.

In fact, the eye-catching dial of the watch features the full voyage undertaken by John's son William in the 1700s, who journeyed from Portsmouth, England to Port Royal, Jamaica, and back again – a task to test the reliability of the timepiece.

This journey is illustrated via a champleve enamel dial, which allows a chunk of the world to be seen in full colour, while an outer cities ring makes reading the time in different zones a breeze.

In another hint to William's journey, both Portsmouth and Port Royal are highlighted on this ring with a royal blue tone.

Girard-Perregaux, which has indulged in the watchmaking industry since 1791, adds a further touch of elegance to the timepiece in the form of a white-gold 41mm case, which borders the dial in style.


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