Gift ideas for the bride on her wedding day

First published: 10-10-2017

woman in wedding dress holding jewllery in her hand

Choosing a wedding day gift for a bride takes careful consideration - it should be something that suits her personal style while reflecting the special nature of the day.

Whether you're the groom, a member of the wedding party or an honoured guest, we've highlighted some of our favourite bridal gift ideas, so you can say 'congratulations' in the most memorable way.

Gifts for the bride from…the groom

Give your bride-to-be a wedding day gift that shows you know her better than anyone. Look for something personal - perhaps there's a colour she loves, a brand she can't resist, or even a specific item she's been hinting at for a while!

  • Be charming
Sterling Silver Charm Club Champagne Flutes charm

Thomas Sabo Jewellery ladies' Sterling Silver Charm Club Champagne Flutes charm (&pound39)

One of the most sentimental types of jewellery, charms are a perfect way to show your future wife just how special she is. With hundreds of designs, from pineapples to stilettos, there's bound to be a charm that will make her laugh, smile or even shed a tear.

And, if she doesn't already have one, don't forget to give her a bracelet to link it on to. As a bonus, you'll know what to get her for every anniversary in years to come!

  • Show your enduring love
14 Carat Gold Lovely Infinity necklace

Sokolov ladies' 14 Carat Gold Lovely Infinity necklace (&pound259)

If you want to find a way to capture the magic of your wedding day, give your bride a piece of jewellery that features the infinity symbol, to demonstrate your enduring love and commitment. Beyond the timeless and elegant appeal, she'll no doubt appreciate the meaning behind the gift.

Because it's so iconic, many designers incorporate the infinity symbol into different pieces of jewellery. You can choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in simple designs or bold colours, so you're sure to find the perfect piece for your wife-to-be.

Gifts for the bride from… the bridal party

If you're with the bridal party, show your appreciation by giving the bride a gift that lets her know how much it means to be part of her important day. Even the smallest gesture is sure to make the occasion even more special.

  • Something blue

Silver Plated Fancy Filigree earrings

Lonna And Lilly ladies' Silver Plated Fancy Filigree earrings (&pound32)

While you might not be able to cover 'borrowed' and 'old', you can still pay homage to tradition and give her 'something blue' on her wedding day. During the excitement of preparing to walk down the aisle, slip her a little gift that references the old rhyme.

With a huge range of blue jewellery available at Watch Shop, you can easily find a piece that suits her sense of style. Whether you opt for a chunky oversized necklace or a delicate pair of earrings, choose something that will remind her of your role in her big day.

  • Have a laugh
Gold Plated Beauty & The Beast large Cogsworth necklace

Disney Couture ladies' Gold Plated Beauty & The Beast large Cogsworth necklace (&pound55)

On such an emotional and monumental day, why not have a bit of fun and treat the bride to a gift you know will make her giggle? It could be something that recalls childhood memories of the days when you used to dress up in costume jewellery together, or a nostalgic design that features her favourite Disney character.

There are plenty of playful pieces to consider, from charm necklaces to wacky bracelets, so you're bound to find a gift that speaks volumes about why she chose you to be such an important part of her big day.

Wedding day gifts for the bride from… the guests

Being asked to help a couple celebrate their wedding is a real honour and you can show how much it means to you by getting the bride a little memento. It's a thoughtful gesture that will not only make her feel even more special on the day but is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face when she spots it in her jewellery box in years to come.

  • Feel the love
Rhodium Plated Desert Beauty earrings

Guess Jewellery ladies' Rhodium Plated Desert Beauty earrings

Weddings are all about symbolism and you can join in the feel-good vibes by giving the bride something that features a love-heart. Beyond being the perfect choice for a wedding day, it's a classic shape that can be paired with all sorts of different attire, from her honeymoon cocktail dress to everyday office outfits.

Designers have long been enamoured with the love-heart, so you'll find it on everything from dainty earrings to bold rings and chunky bracelets. Alternatively, if the bride you're shopping for has a more subtle sense of style, consider choosing a piece that simply features the word 'love' instead.

  • A timeless treasure
PVD rose plating Anette bangle

Skagen Jewellery ladies' PVD rose plating Anette bangle (&pound53)

If in doubt, a timeless piece of jewellery is always a great choice to mark a special occasion. Look for a simple and comfortable design that she'll be able to wear during once-in-a-lifetime events and casual occasions alike, so it can witness the everyday and the special.

Just because it's simple doesn't mean you can't find something that suits her personality perfectly. Appeal to her love of rose gold pieces, or the way she can't resist anything that features diamonds - whatever she likes, there's bound to be a timeless piece she'll treasure for a lifetime.

For more inspiration on gift ideas for a bride on her wedding day, browse our full range of ladies' jewellery or check out our jewellery buying guides for insider hints and tips.


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