Get two watches 'to suit all occasions'

First published: 21-10-2011

Having a selection of watches to choose from could mean that it is easy to always have the right timepiece for any occasion.

With a wealth of different styles and design of watch available to buy, consumers could find they find it difficult to get a product which is perfect for wearing in the office and when relaxing with their friends at the weekend.

In order to combat this issue, John Biggs, editor of, said that one of the best pieces of advice he would give people who are buying a watch is not to limit themselves to one product.

Instead, he advised that they should look for two items.

He advised that men picking out watches should look for "one with a steel bracelet and another bracelet that's a little more classic, like the kind your dad would wear."

"For everyday watches, there are plenty of great automatic watches that certainly cost less than people imagine," Mr Biggs added, explaining that it is possible to pick up one of these products fairly cheaply and that it will last for a lifetime.

When picking which designs to buy, he suggested that people look for products which are classic, as this seems to be coming back into fashion again.

The horologist added that large watches which are covered in gems and diamonds are no longer popular, so these should be avoided by anyone looking for a product which will stand the test of time.

A rising resurgence in the popularity of watches is also coming from people who are looking to give their outfits a more sophisticated look, according to James Impey, content writer for timepiece comparison site

He explained that they create a feeling of class which cannot be replicated with even the most expensive and modern technology or mobile phone.  


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