Geeky watches 'becoming fashionable'

First published: 04-05-2012

Geeky watches that feature a number of digital features or unusual designs are no longer something that appeals to only a small number of people, as the designs are now among the most popular with all watch shoppers.

Many companies have started to develop new and innovative styles that use unusual ways of telling the time, from products that feature the time as a number of illuminated bars around the edge of the face, to styles that spell out the time in words similar to on a word search.

One of the biggest trends emerging for digital watches is the creation of products that can be used to link up with smartphones.

While some of the major technology companies are planning the release of the designs, start-up company Allerta has created a buzz as the brand has managed to raise more than $8 million (£4.9 million) to fund the project through the website Kickstarter. 


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