GPS sports watches 'allow runners to change pace'

First published: 17-03-2011

The benefits of using GPS sports watches have been highlighted, with one runner stating that he enjoyed knowing the distance and pace that he covered.

Anick Jasdanun, writing for the Canadian Press, said that the price of these devices has come down a lot in recent years, which should mean that they are part of every athlete's armoury.

Reviewing the Garmin Forerunner 110, the author commented: "The device is small, with limited functionality, but you get value for the price. It's a good choice if you want something really simple to use."

He went on to say that this timepiece was consistently the best of a group that he tried at locating a GPS signal as it remembers satellite positions from the last time it was used.

Recently, Nike and TomTom announced that they were joining forces to create a new sports watch.

Powered by TomTom, the device connects uses GPS to deliver on-screen stats, including pace, distance, run history and personal records.


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