G-Shock Casio watches saluted by national newspaper

First published: 11-02-2010

Casio's G-Shock watch has been hailed by a national newspaper for its evolution since its initial release in 1983.

The Independent explained that in light of the newest range being released - each including "cutting-edge technologies" which incorporate resistance to centrifugal force and gravity to maintain time in extreme conditions - it should be given its dues.

It was Kikuo Ibe who designed the first G-Shock watch, with the G standing for gravity.

"At that point, the trend was for thinner and lighter watches," the newspaper explained. "Twenty-seven years later, Casio has sold more than 70 million G-Shock units around the world - and its rivals have realised that slim is not everything."

One of its crowning moments was its follow-up to cynical comments about a famous advert which used the G-Shock watch like a hockey puck. The firm put it to the test under real conditions to show that it truly could stand the test of time.

Earlier this month, Casio watches proudly unveiled its limited edition Go Green Project, an ecologically-friendly set of G-Shock watch models to mark Earth Day's 40th anniversary.


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