Futuristic watches start to gather momentum

First published: 14-09-2011

Sophisticated wireless developments such as near field communication technology (NFC) could one day be incorporated into watches, it has been claimed.

Companies such as Apple could be at the forefront of the timepiece market in the near future, with many watches becoming extensions of smartphones, representatives at business media magazine Fast Company believe.

With the Fossil Meta Watch already adopting Bluetooth connectivity and the high-end I'm Watch being developed in Italy, industry speculators feel it is only a matter of time before even more advanced features are commonplace.

Indeed, the development of NFC could lead to people being able to pay for items in selected stores by flashing their watch at a point-of-sale sensor.

Kim Eaton of Fast Company wrote that Apple could be looking to upgrade the wristwatch version of the iPod Nano, with the addition of face calling a distinct possibility.

"We know Apple is planning an update to the device, possibly adding in a camera - but that's all we know," she noted.

The makers of the I'm Watch have claimed the Android-powered accessory is the first "smartwatch" in the world.


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