Futuristic watches from Storm

First published: 24-04-2015

Storm is one of the leading watchmaking brands in the UK; with 26 years of experience in creating innovative designs and really clever technologies, this brand makes fashion-forward items that you will love.

One thing that makes Storm watches really special is their futuristic feel. Many timepieces in their range have incredible design features with a real space-age feel. (Plus, they look super-cool on your wrist.)

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite futuristic watches from Storm, all of which are perfect for a huge range of occasions and styles. Some are understated in their high-tech appeal, whereas others go all out with bold designs and colours. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto

Image 1

With its really slick mechanical-looking face, this silver and blue men's model has all the robotic appeal you could want in a space-age watch. As well as a traditional circular dial in the top-left part of the face, it has a thermometer-style hour counter and further features to count the seconds and quarters.

The stainless steel case and splashes of blue in the face combine to create a dynamic colour scheme, contributing to the design's robotic feel. At 47mm wide, this is a watch that is certain to make a big impact.

Image 2

With a slightly warmer colour scheme of brown and rose gold, this men's watch still has a very futuristic feel thanks to the combination of features on the face. The design feels like a stylized skeleton, with exposed sections of the mechanisms that are very slick and well-placed.

Along with this are the two buttons placed at the four and 10 positions around the side of the casing, making the whole design look really unique and ahead of its time.

Image 3

With a super-shiny case that is sure to stand out, this stainless steel ladies' watch combines a robotic design with classic elegance. The traditional round dial has a dynamic black background, which makes the entire design really interesting.

Along with the off-centre placement of the dial, there is an extra ring of diamonds that brings a sense of glamour to the space-age design. The shiny steel casing and strap make the whole thing feel futuristic, while it is still understated enough to work with a variety of outfits.

Image 4

While this men's watch only has a small section of the watch face on show, it makes a very big impact. The rotating ring of numbers means you only have to glance to know exactly what the time is, while the hint of a pattern in the very centre of the face is enough to transform the entire design.

With such a dynamic exposed section of the face, the rest of the design can afford total simplicity, so the sleek black covering over the dial makes a real impact with its less-is-more appeal. Getting colourful

Image 5

Thanks to the super-slim design of the strap, the face of this ladies' watch takes centre stage, with a funky mix of colours to catch your eye. It will really stand out on your wrist but won't overwhelm - the simplicity of the strap and casing keeps this watch on the right side of eccentric.

Image 6

With an eye-catching blue colour scheme, the Cam X for men makes a really big statement despite the relatively tiny dial. Hidden within a really minimal yet funky design, the dial has some really interesting lines and shapes, and this - along with the rubber strap and plastic/resin case - makes it a really attention-grabbing accessory.

The colour is bold, but also very easy to work with, so you can easily match it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. With the unique combination of sharp lines and rounded edges, this is an ahead-of-its-time design that is the perfect dynamic accessory. All about that face

Image 7

With an understated and minimal dial, the Elorna ladies' model manages to make a big impact with its dynamic octagonal shape and stand-out design around the face. The rose gold colouring makes it really elegant and versatile, so this is a futuristic watch that can double as your everyday wrist-wear.

The lack of embellishments on the dial or strap means that all attention is focused on the design of the case, really cementing its space-age appearance.

Image 8

While at first glance, the Denza ladies' watch might look very understated and minimal, on closer inspection, it has a really interesting design within the face that takes it up a notch. The funky shapes and black colouring of the face give it that futuristic feel, but thanks to the classic look of the rest of the watch, it is still appropriate for any occasion. The light show

Image 9

Proving that not all watches need a dial and hands, this super-space-age men's watch makes use of lights to let you know what the time is. With two columns, one for hours and one for minutes, the different sections light up as time goes on, so you can see the time at just a glance.

Along with the high-tech light display, the design is very futuristic, with the alternating strips of black and silver along the strap and case. This combination of colours along with the bright red lights makes it a really funky timepiece.

Image 10

With different lights to demonstrate AM/PM, the month and date as well as the time, this is one funky unisex timepiece. All of these are denoted with combinations of lights and will quickly become second nature to the wearer.

Like the lights on a spaceship dashboard, this watch really evokes the feel of something from a galaxy far, far away. The bright and bold colours make it all the more eye-catching and it is sure to be the most dynamic accessory you will ever own.

Image 11

We've left the best for the end, as this men's watch is probably the coolest thing you'll ever see. Digimec's black colouring instantly gives it a stand-out appearance and the digital display is slick and unusual, making it really interesting whilst still being minimal.

The combination of red and black is a feature that really pops and the red stands out all the more when contrasted with the dark face, case and strap. The curved shape of the numbers keeps the design from looking harsh, so it is sure to grab people's attention.

If you want to see more of Storm's diverse collection, take a look here.


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