Futuristic watch aims to please with pirate-style body

First published: 18-01-2010

Those who want to embrace their pirate side this year may consider looking into the newest offering from top watch designer Fabrice Gonet, though they may want to be quick.

That's because only 11 units of the latest Black Pearl Watch, created by the high-concept expert for HD3 Complication, will be available to those looking for a little more mechanical mastery from their timepiece.

A range of dials spread the full time between them, while miscellaneous cogs whir around across all sides of the watch, including the back which is made from glass to allow the user to see through the watch completely in certain places.

You'll have to have plenty of money to afford it, though; the timepiece has been priced at a whopping $400,000 (£245,000), so any budding pirates may want to put the money to their boat and wooden leg before buying the timepiece with the famous skull and crossbones motif on it.

A person would be expected to pay much less for a memento mori watch key formerly belonging to Thomas Jefferson which is engraved and has a visible braided lock of hair from his former wife Martha, with the piece going to auction with a top estimate of £50,000 later this month.


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