Further Only Watch timepieces unveiled

First published: 05-07-2011

Both Girard-Perregaux and Breguet has shown off their 2011 Only Watch entries, with timepieces sure to catch the eye.

The device chosen by Girard-Perregaux comes in the form of the ww.tc Only Watch, which stands out for being the first ticker to apply titanium oxide detailing.

Such an ultra-light material has been used to create the white single-piece timepiece case middle.

Wearers are greeted with plenty of detail through this Girard-Perregaux watch too, including a small seconds counter, a date function, an elaborate world time display and a fly-back chronograph.

Meanwhile, for the special auction, Breguet has chosen to display the Reveil Musical, a timepiece which is styled in the rich tone of white gold.

One of the standout points of this device is the fact that the tune of Castle In The Sky plays out through a music box-style feature fitted into the watch.

Another attractive element is the fact that the dial of this timepiece is decorated with an image of a child's hand reaching out to an adult's one, the latter of which rotates around the ticker.


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