Freshen up your style

First published: 16-01-2015

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Giving your wardrobe a revamp doesn't have to cost a fortune. It has never been easier to inject a new burst of style into your look, with lots of options available for both men and women. With the use of clever tailoring and bold accessorising, you can transform the clothes you already own, and feel like a whole new person.

Make best friends with your tailor

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All of us are guilty of hanging onto those clothes that, let's face it, we never wear. The t-shirt you bought on impulse in that street market when you went backpacking. The trousers you wore when you were a size smaller. The dress you wore for a 1980s party a few years back. We all have a collection of items we just can't seem to get rid of, so instead of letting them rot in the back of the wardrobe, why not use them?

A skilled tailor can work wonders, so if you know that the backpacking t-shirt would look great as a crop top, or even completely transformed into a vintage-style hair-scarf, why not pay your local tailor a visit and see if they can perform a mini miracle? For not a lot of money, you could end up with a new, wearable item instead of an ill-fitting one.

A spot of DIY

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Of course, you don't have to rely on a professional to transform your clothes. The smallest additions to your clothes can make them look and feel brand new, and these are really easy to try out yourself. For example, if you have a really great jacket or cardigan, but you feel like it needs a little something extra, why not invest in some more interesting buttons, and use these to replace the existing ones? Alternatively, a contrast-colour stitch along the hem of a simple shirt could make it really unusual and eye-catching, and this is easy enough if you have a sewing machine to hand! These are really inexpensive and easy to do, so refreshing your style can really be as simple as that.

Styling up an Little Black Dress

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Every woman should own an LBD. They are great for more occasions than we could possibly list, since they can be made to look appropriate for any event with some strategic accessories. For example, it can look perfect for work by way of a beautiful silk scarf, a smart blazer and some flats. It could alternatively work perfectly for a wedding, with some colour-popping additions like a fascinator, an elegant watch (like this gorgeous Michael Kors model - [insert link to here]), or a clutch bag.

Try to create a sense of continuity in your look by matching up prints or colours together. An accessory that will work every time is a pair of nude heels, since it will not only elongate your legs, but will go with pretty much everything. One versatile LBD and a collection of accessories can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe, creating a whole range of style opportunities without breaking the bank.

What suits a suit?

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For chaps, transforming your style can revolve around your suits and how you wear them. Just like every woman should own an LBD, every man should have a good, versatile black suit. This can be revamped for different occasions with some helpful accessories, which are both stylish and inexpensive.

Nothing screams sophistication quite like a matching tie and pocket square, which is the perfect way to style up your suit for a wedding or formal event. Pairing your suit jacket, shirt and waistcoat with a well-fitted pair of jeans can be a great smart-casual option, combining dressing up with dressing down.

A watch is a real game-changer for any outfit, and can be a really simple and inexpensive way of achieving a suave, sophisticated look. Try something like this Armani Exchange model ([insert link to here]) if you want a watch that is stylish and versatile.

One very easily achievable trend this year is wearing some jazzy socks with your suit, which will be just visible enough to inject a sense of personality into your look. A bold colour (like orange or green) will suffice, but if you're feeling really daring you could try a spot or stripe pattern.

Freshening up your style is often less about buying new clothes, and more about working with what you've got. Accessories are the quickest and easiest way to transform something you rarely wear into something new and current, and with a little bit of DIY (or help from someone who knows their stuff) you can take something old and make it feel new again, without spending a fortune.


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