Four new sporting watches released by designer

First published: 27-07-2011

A timepiece designer better known for its role in construction machinery has released four new sporting watches into its collection.

Cat has unveiled Ranger, its new XL Line targeted at athletes and sporting enthusiasts alike.

As the name suggests, it's sized XL with a diameter of 52 mm and a bezel of ionised stainless steel.

The strap promises to be durable even under the most testing trials and is made of silicone.

The P52 is created for forest dwellers who prefer a trip through the tiger-threatening jungle over a stroll in the park.

It's water-resistant to 200 metres, is embossed with the CAT logo and comes fully equipped with luminescent hands.

Meanwhile, the T6 has white hour markers, a black bezel and is uniquely distinctive as it's branded along the strap and dial.

Finally, there's one for the aviator. The Cockpit multifunction does exactly that – the watch lets the wearer know not only the time, but the date and day too.

The hours are clearly marked in yellow, a stark contrast to the overall black design.

Four timepieces for four separate adventures.  


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