Fossil working on a smartwatch

First published: 22-05-2014

Watchmaker Fossil is planning to release a smartwatch of some kind in the near future.

Dallas News reports that chief executive officer Kosta Kartsotis was asked where the firm stood in regards to wearable devices - a form of technology that is expected to be rolled out by many companies in the near future. 

"We will have products with wearable technology. There’s just too much interest in it from consumers," Mr Kartsotis said.

He added that, while the firm was more focused on lifestyle fashion, others had more of a penchant for technology and the development of a smartwatch was a good way to encourage the latter set of people to shop with Fossil

However, it is important to maintain some perspective. While 1.5 million units of wearable technology have been sold currently, approximately one billion watches are shipped every year. 

As excitement grows over what kind of smartwatches might be released in the future, it will be interesting to see if they gain traction with customers. 


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