Fossil watches 'range from contemporary to classic'

First published: 09-11-2009

It is hardly surprising that a number of people own Fossil watches given the firm's pedigree since its creation in 1984, according to a dedicated watch fan and blogger.

Laura, the contributor to the Style Blog with Shade Station, noted that the organisation is one of the highest-quality producers of timepieces, with Fossil watches catering to all style preferences and making the offerings a great investment as a statement accessory.

She continued: "As a brand, Fossil is a great example of moving beyond conventional trends and processes and has always been keen to try new and innovative ideas.

"The collection of Fossil watches is a combination of funky and eye-catching, contemporary and classic."

Fossil's co-operation with the likes of Philippe Starck also shows its commitment to style, it is said.

A number of watches are currently selling very well with Fossil, including the "boyfriend-style" chunky analogue timepieces, which utilise huge features and straps.


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