Fossil watches ''have a vintage twist''

First published: 23-06-2010

Vintage inspiration can be seen on many Fossil watches at the moment, it has been suggested.

Peter Farrar, in an article for, highlighted that they tend to have neutral and earthy colour schemes, giving them wide-ranging appeal.

It continued: "There are multiple straps available that can be interchanged with watch faces for a different each look time.

"This is a great option for matching up watch style with different outfits."

Women are also well catered for by Fossil watches, as the timepieces are inspired by the 30s and 40s, offering ultimate style and functionality.

For females who like a boyish design on their timepieces, Fossil also provides a number of styles that have "thicker bands, larger faces, and lots of metal", the piece added.

It was recently suggested by that Fossil watches are incredibly functional and stylish, with the brand standing out well against its competitors.


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