Fossil watches ''continue remarkable style in summer''

First published: 30-04-2010

The Fossil watch brand is regularly applauded for its ability to provide a wide range of watches that are able to boast different aesthetics, according to the Style Blog, which noted that for women who want a timepiece that''s both elegant and like jewellery, the ES2498 Fossil watch is a great addition.

It continued: "With a diamante embellished case and a series of circular and half circular open links that also incorporate diamante stones in the adjoining links, the circular silver dial remains petite and demure. A wonderfully chic and glamorous Fossil watch!"

Meanwhile, men are still catered for; the fashion resource said that the JR1150 Fossil watch for men has a particularly "rugged" look, delivered through a wide black leather strap with a slimmer top layer and silver stud detailing.

Furthermore, the dial - which features silver and red accents - also incorporates a sub-dial chronograph and date window to create an "incredibly masculine" statement watch.

Fossil is regularly known for its collaborations, most notably with Philippe Starck, the New Design mogul.


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