Fossil plans to boost production of Swiss watches

First published: 15-04-2013

Fossil has revealed that it is set to increase production of Swiss-made watches in order to continue its success all over the world.

Fossil Group Europe managing director Martin Frey told Watch Pro magazine there will be new collections launched both this year and next to add to the 400,000 Swiss-made watches that are already being produced annually.

To achieve this, production centres in Switzerland that have been owned by the brand since 2002 will be scaled up and Fossil will also produce timepieces for other companies.

"At the moment, our turnover share is small, but we see great growth potential for our brands in the medium price range.

"We have the know-how, the brands and the sales channels in order to develop these markets. To realise this potential, we now want to extend the necessary capacities and build an appropriate vertical integration," explained Mr Frey.

Fossil continues to be popular with watch lovers, as it produces a wide range of timepieces at various price points, from budget to high-end.

In February, it revealed it would be launching new watches in seven styles in collaboration with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The timepieces will be adorned with his signature embellishments, including exposed zips and studs for a really fashion-forward look.

"You cannot buy time but you can get a beautiful watch to measure time," Lagerfeld commented.

New Swiss-made watches including chronographs and automatic watches were also unveiled the same month to appeal to those with more classic tastes.

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