Fossil and Citizen make top brand index

First published: 11-01-2010

Fossil watches and Citizen watches have both been named as popular investments for people looking for nice timepieces in recent months.

The United Brands 2009 Watch and Jewelry List has been revealed and has listed the major players in each demographic of the market, with Citizen and Fossil finishing fourth and eighth in the entry-level category this year.

Lyle M Rose, the president of United Brands, explained: "The top ten lists were compiled by executives, consultants and affiliates of United Brands.

"We based our rankings on a variety of factors that include product quality, design commitment, consumer value, consumer recognition, brand differentiation and marketing effectiveness."

The "super premium" category was dominated by Patek Philippe, while luxury offerings from Rolex, Cartier and Breitling were first through third in the next tier for watch lovers.

Fashion fans, on the other hand - who were in between luxury and entry level - opted for TAG Heuer and Chanel watches.

Fossil watches were revealed to be the gift of choice for winning teams in the US' recent run of university American football championships, according to the Sports Business Journal.


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