Fine craftsmanship ''at the core'' of Michael Kors watches

First published: 08-06-2010

People have come to expect high quality craftsmanship from Michael Kors watches - and the brand never fails to deliver.

This is according to, which pointed out the big name followers of this highly influential brand.

Among them are Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Catherine Zeta-Jones, it revealed, who have all been spotted in items from the designer.

"With the regular use of neutral colours such as brown, faun, cream and gold, Michael Kors watches have a soft look that adds a refined essence," it explained.

The article said that the brand is also not afraid to move with the times, as more recently baby pink and white have been integrated into the designs, as have layered leather straps.

Michael Kors watches were recently described as providing effortless elegance by the Vancouver Sun, which is why they prove to be such a hit with women all over the world.


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