Festival fashion - Getting the Glasto look in 2016

First published: 15-06-2016

Glastonbury Goer Partying

With Glastonbury Festival fast approaching, wardrobes are being rustled and outfits are being readied. But there's more to a good Glasto outfit than a pair of wellies, and we're here to give you an inspiration injection just in time for this year's gig.

While trendy Wellingtons are still essential for being both fashionable and functional (rain is inevitable, right?), festival fashion extends beyond the feet and ankles, into the realms of t-shirts and muddy-field-proof jackets.

Whether you're more boho or glam, we've got a couple of alternate ideas to match your favourite styles.

Flyer power

If last year's dress was anything to go by, aero-inspired outfits will be parachuting in to make a reappearance in 2016. And no, we we're not talking full spacesuits complete with matching glass helmets, but outfits that take inspiration from the pilots of yesteryear.

Begin with an army-green jumpsuit, reminiscent of aviation overalls, akin to the outfit that British model Daisy Lowe wore last year. And if the typical English weather gets a bit nippy, you can run with the same theme and add a bomber jacket over the top.

Instead of opting for a jumpsuit, men can grab a pair of overalls to achieve the same style, while adding a pair of classic aviator sunglasses into the mix.

Naturally, wellies are more than capable of adding the finishing touch to such an outfit, while you could also opt for a pair of sturdy boots instead - perfect for both men and women. Be sure not to give in to the lure of wearing heels though, ladies, as Kim Kardashian mistakenly did last year...


The advantage of a plain jumpsuit is that it's a blank canvas - you're not especially limited when it comes to picking out colours and styles of jewellery to match up with it.

For girls, something chunky will really stand out against the one-colour backdrop, so you'll need a piece that's capable of taking centre stage.

This ladies' necklace from Fiorelli is the ideal piece of jewellery for this situation. None of the colours used are too outlandish and therefore it's able to work alongside almost anything you team it up with.

Fiorelli Jewellery Ladies' Base metal Necklace

It's not overly expensive either, so if you do end up splashing a bit of mud on it while rocking out, it's not the end of the world. Also, just a few sparkly stones ensure that, if the sun does come out from behind the clouds at any point, it's capable of making a scene.

Men in mind, you can roll the sleeves of your overalls up to elbow height to create room for a statement-making watch to sit on your wrist. This Citizen Nighthawk watch certainly fits that criteria, measuring 42mm in case width, meaning that it's a bit of a behemoth.

Citizen Men's Nighthawk Chronograph Eco-Drive Watch

They don't come much bolder - this timepiece will stand out against any overalls, despite being made up of a range of greys and blacks. Team it up with a silver bracelet or chain and you're onto a winner - ideal for the fashion-savvy festival goer.

Boho is back

We've done flyer power, now here's some flower power. If there's one thing we learn from Coachella fashion every year, it's that the hippie life of the 60s is gone but not forgotten. Music festivals present themselves as a chance to dress as Hendrix did, at Woodstock back in '69.

Bright colours are essential, and 'clashing' rules don't really apply when it comes to festivals, so go nuts! Suki Waterhouse - British model - showed up to Glasto last year wearing a frayed, multi-coloured jacket, while Florence Welch wore a mid-length boho coat.

60s-inspired rainbow tops are best teamed up with denim however, whether it's shorts or jeans. Allow the colours to take centre stage by wearing toned-down shoes, too, whether they're wellies or trainers.


For men, a brooding bracelet makes for the perfect offset when worn with many a bright colour. This Police P-link bracelet is bronze, and therefore won't fight against the many other shades for attention. Instead, it'll work alongside them in perfect harmony.

Police Jewellery Men's PVD rose plating P-Link Bracelet

The links are integrated into the piece, looking delicately woven, with intentional weathering and discolouring to give the piece a bit of personality. The same bracelet also comes in silver, too, so you can opt for this model if you feel it'll work better with your favoured colour scheme.

When it comes to timepieces, there's one that trumps the rest in terms of being boho. Swatch's Color the Sky watch can truly stand against your outfit of many shades and hues, being bold and bright.

Swatch Unisex Color The Sky Watch

As it's a Swatch, it's lightweight, and therefore the ideal accessory for a day and night of dancing. The white numbers on the face also mean that you'll always know the time, even when the light begins to dim and the final acts of the day are finishing up their encores.

With Glasto just a couple of weeks away, line-ups have been announced and tickets have been sold, all that remains is to choose the perfect festival outfit to match the music. We've given you two sought-after styles to choose from here, which are at the very height of current festival fashion.


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