Fashion watches: Thin is definitely in

First published: 07-02-2011

Thin watches are the timepieces to go for this year, according to an industry expert, who said that thin is definitely in.

Jessica Michault, writing for, said that this month's Salon International de le Haute Horlogerie in Geneva will show off the industry's fresh and inventive designs.

"And just like the stars on the red carpet, the new timepieces can never be too glamorous - or too thin," she added.

Elizabeth Doerr, English content manager of, went on to say that the more complication which is crammed into a case means that the bigger the timepiece will become.

"What I think we’re now seeing is a hybrid reaction, with the main message proclaiming elegance and a return to ‘classic’ values," she stated.

Recently, it was revealed by that watches are no longer just for telling the time, but also for showing off the personality and style of the owner.


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