Fashion trends How to take your autumn style to the next level

First published: 12-10-2015


The cooler weather is here, and it's time to start wrapping up. This year's autumn look is all about drama and vintage-inspired style pieces, and you can really enjoy mixing and matching various trends to create your own signature style.

Bobble hats

Womens Bobble Hat

Usually reserved for the peak of winter, bobble hats are one of this year's autumn trends, with fashion heavyweight Gucci leading the charge, and the high-street following with some more affordable options. As soon as the temperature drops we all like to feel snug in a hat, and bobbles are the perfect solution.

Whether you choose a hat with ears or one that rolls over, look out for patterns. Tartan is very big this year (but we'll come to that later), and any stripe, polka dot, or print bobble is sure to tick two boxes in terms of autumn trends.

Big earrings

Lipsy Earrings

Big earrings have been all over the catwalk this year, from hoops to chandelier designs. Bold colours and sparkly details are all the rage, and will make a big statement in your autumn look even if you've wrapped up in lots of layers!

Lipsy is the perfect brand for this, with a huge range of dynamic and daring pieces that can complement your style. There are plenty of options to suit any outfit, so don't go without this style staple this autumn.


Tartan Dress

Tartan prints have long been associated with autumnal ensembles, and this year is no exception. Red is the most common colour featured in tartan, so why not branch out and explore patterns in different colour combinations to add some personality to your outfit?

If you've already been rocking one great tartan piece - a shirt, for example - try throwing a pair of trousers, leggings, or even a dress or skirt into the mix. Pair them up with other plain items - pick one colour that features in the tartan and let this feature in the rest of your outfit.

Annie Hall

70s Fashion

Pre-empting the big fashion trends of SS16, this season is all about that 70s style. The effortlessly chic look that Diane Keaton made so popular in Annie Hall (1977) is the key inspiration here; think roll-neck jumpers, androgynous lines, and wide trousers.

Flares in particular are back in a very big way, so you can ditch the skinnies and embrace the bell-bottoms again. Where Annie would have sported a fedora, see if you can find a bobble hat to mix and match autumn's key trends.

Look out for vintage pieces to add some authenticity to your 70s look - charity shops are treasure troves of retro clothing and accessories, and will help you mix old and new trends.

Loafers and boots

Womens Boots

Both of these footwear favourites have featured on the catwalks for autumn/winter, and you can be as casual or as dressed up as you like with them. Loafers have made a very big comeback, becoming the go-to option for everyday footwear.

Boots, on the other hand, are taking a turn towards the dramatic. Many designers and brands are favouring over-the-knee boots, which can give any outfit that little bit extra oomph.

The temperatures may have dropped but you can stay looking as fabulous as ever. Whether you pick a cosy bobble hat or a dramatic pair of boots, there are plenty of options for perfecting your autumn style.


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