Fans of Bench watch Uncut fashion show in Philippines

First published: 23-07-2010

Fans of Bench watches were given an opportunity to see the latest range of underwear and denim on offer from the fashion label in the Philippines.

In what has been described as a departure from the static and repetitive shows of the past, this fashion extravaganza undoubtedly suited the theme of the new Uncut range of underwear.

In an article for the Philippine Daily Enquirer, Alex Vergara described the new range as "bright, loud, colourful and brisk".

She also praised the efforts of Ben Chan to re-invent the label at the event, which also attracted only a smattering of celebrity guests this year.

D&G is one of the latest timepiece and fashion labels to feature a star guest appearance in one of its marketing schemes.

Singer Madonna is set to feature in a number of adverts to launch the label's autumn and winter collection.

The Material Girl singer will pose in a series of black and white shots next to a male model, in a farm setting.


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