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Fake watch batteries in circulation

First published: 27-04-2009

Fake batteries that bear the Maxell logo are thought to be in circulation and could pose a threat to watch owners.

Casio and DKNY watches owners have been warned to keep an eye out for the fake batteries, which are thought to be alkaline, rather than genuine Maxell silver oxide button batteries.

Silver oxide batteries are ideal for use in watches because of their stable voltage and low risk of leakage.

By comparison, alkaline batteries suffer from progressively weaker voltage with age and have a higher risk of leakage.

Maxell suggests that watch owners can distinguish genuine from fake models, which bear the code number SR621SW, because they do not have any polishing marks on the minus side of the cylindrical face.

The genuine Maxell battery shows visible signs of having been polished, to reduce contact resistance. Some models are also gold plated rather than polished for improved contact.

A newly-packaged Maxell SR battery was introduced solely for sale to watch manufacturers in October 2008.


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