'Fab' watch mystery finally solved

First published: 21-07-2011

Collectors of Heuer have been debating the mystery behind the "Fab Suisse" mark since it was first seen on dials in the 50s and 60s.

Finally the jig is up and thanks to On the Dash's Jeff Stein, there's an answer for all timepiece enthusiasts desperate to uncover the truth.

But before it's revealed, Hondinkee explained how the myth came to be exposed. "Mr Stein got serious in researching the origins of the label. Jeff went so far as to phone Jack Heuer himself, in a fruitless effort to obtain answers."

A poster at On The Dash fuelled Mr Stein's quest for an answer which he eventually discovered.

But what was it?

The "Fab Suisse" mark is actually a French consumer protection requirement dating back to 1892. Watches belonging to Omega and Jaegar-LeCoultre have also been found with the print.

So mystery solved, crisis averted. Now, what's the watch like?

Well, originating in 1956, it's got a manual wind, gold hands and two smaller windows. The case is steel and acrylic glass. With its leather strap and buckle, it's not surprising if it reminds some of us of our granddads.


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