F.P. Journe reveals the Octa UTC

First published: 31-01-2011

Watch fans who like to travel the world may be interested in a new timepiece from F.P. Journe.

Entitled the Octa UTC, the product includes a design element which determines the different time periods via the earth's geographical position, thus also indicating the summer and winter hour, Watch Luxus reported.

Looking upon the face of this timepiece reveals a sub-dial at around the three o'clock location, which tells the reader the main hours through a blue hand and other time zones via a rose gold hand.

This feature is designed in a 24-hour format, with each individual hour representing one of the earth's time zones.

Some other attractive elements of the Octa UTC, which may encourage fashion watch enthusiasts to splash the cash, include a retrograde power reserve, a sub-dial featuring the earth split into various time zones and a large date indicator.

Another watch which has used a time-zone feature is the 2TimeZones Zirconium from JeanRichard, earning it a rating of 66 out of 100 by Watch Observer recently.

The news source noted: "This JeanRichard 2TimeZones is a really interesting timepiece for its design and the choice of the used materials."


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