Everything you need to know about silver jewellery

First published: 11-12-2017

Links of London Sterling Silver Timeless bracelet

Ladies' Links of London Sterling Silver Timeless bracelet (£361)

Cool, sophisticated and versatile, silver jewellery has a timeless appeal that can accessorise a million and one different looks and never seems go out of fashion. Sterling silver makes a worthy addition to any jewellery box, and as one of the world's most popular precious metals, it tends to hold its value.

With a lower price tag than gold and platinum, its affordability factor makes it a popular option for everyday fashion jewellery, such as earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

The perfect partner to diamonds and other precious jewels, it's frequently used to make wedding rings and other luxurious accessories. Silver is also hypoallergenic, allowing anyone to wear it, no matter how sensitive their skin is.

Sterling silver and silver plated

To qualify as genuine sterling silver, an item must contain 92.5% pure silver, with the rest made up from alloy and copper. All sterling silver items should contain a '925' hallmark or be labelled 'Sterling Silver' to make it easier to identify. If you're uncertain about the authenticity of a certain item, you can take it to a jeweller to be tested.

Items that are silver plated are made almost entirely from other, less precious metals, and feature as thin layer of silver coating on the outside, which gives them a shiny aesthetic.

Caring for silver jewellery

While sterling silver is a relatively tough metal, it is susceptible to scuffs and scratches, which can result in a duller finish over time. Silver also reacts to sulphur in the air, and therefore is less resistant to tarnishing when worn on a regular basis. To keep your silver jewellery in good condition, you might want to take it to a jewellers for a professional polish, or keep it stored in a good quality jewellery box.

Silver jewellery for £30 and under

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Sterling Silver Charm Club charm bracelet

Ladies' Thomas Sabo Jewellery Sterling Silver Charm Club charm bracelet (£22)

There are sterling silver options aplenty for £30 or less. We love this ladies' charm club bracelet from Thomas Sabo (£22). Featuring a delicate link chain and a hoop marked with the brand's logo, this bracelet can work on its own for a minimal, fuss-free look. Or if you're a fan of detail, try customising it with one or more Thomas Sabo sterling silver charms.

Icon Brand Silver-Plated Merchant Anchor cuff bracelet

Men's Icon Brand Silver-Plated Merchant Anchor cuff bracelet (£13)

Icon Brand is one of the leading names in men's fashion jewellery, and most items from its extensive collection clock in at under £30. This Merchant Anchor cuff bracelet (£13) is one of its freshest new arrivals, featuring a white and blue cord bracelet and a stand-out silver plated button.

Elements Sterling Silver Fox earrings

Ladies' Elements Sterling Silver Fox earrings (£19)

These bestselling earrings from Elements sterling silver earrings come with a modest £19 price tag, and feature a cute fox design. Made from sterling silver, they are ideal for lovers of animal motifs and are well suited to every day wear.

Silver jewellery for £100 or less

Greek brand Folli Follie has been causing a storm across the planet's major cosmopolitan cities since 1982, providing affordable luxury to style-conscious women everywhere. This elegant sterling silver match bracelet (£85) features a distinctive dual band, joined together with two bejewelled clasps.

Folli Follie Sterling Silver bracelet

Ladies' Folli Follie Sterling Silver bracelet (£85)

At just £85, this is a versatile piece that can be worn every day, but looks great when paired with smart eveningwear.

Fiorelli Sterling Silver earrings

Ladies' Fiorelli Sterling Silver earrings (£100)

Fiorelli is the UK's number-one manufacturer of handbags, but it also produces equally stunning jewellery. These striking sterling silver earrings (£100) feature beautiful, oversized blue cubic zirconia stones and come framed with tiny sparkling jewels, making them perfect for special occasions.

Links of London Sterling Silver Button T-Bar cufflinks

Men's Links of London Sterling Silver Button T-Bar cufflinks (£93)

Every man should have at least one pair of cufflinks in his arsenal. These sterling silver button links from Links of London (£93) instantly smarten up any suit and tie combo whether in the office or out at the races. Timeless in design, they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Luxury silver jewellery

Copying the design of the dial from London's iconic Big Ben, the Timeless Sterling Silver Cuff from Links of London (£361) is the ultimate statement piece that commands attention. Featuring an intricate cut out pattern, this oversized bracelet slips on easily with no need for a clasp.

Links of London Sterling Silver Timeless bracelet

Ladies' Links of London Sterling Silver Timeless bracelet (£361)

There's charm bracelets and then there's The Beatles 50th Anniversary Sgt Pepper charm bracelet (£290). Released this year to celebrate the 1967 release of the Liverpool pop quartet's milestone album of the same name, this limited-edition piece features an intricate charm for each of the Fab Four. Presented in a stunning Beatles case, it's the perfect gift for any Beatles fan or collector.

Sterling Silver The Beatles Sgt Pepper bracelet

Ladies' Sterling Silver The Beatles Sgt Pepper bracelet (£290)

Whether its everyday, urban fashion pieces, or luxurious occasion jewellery, the versatility of silver makes it possible to add shine to any outfit. If today's selection has quite piqued but not satisfied your interests, then browse the Watch Shop silver jewellery collection, where you'll find over 3,000 pieces. One will be perfect for you.


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