Everything you need to know about buying a bangle

First published: 27-12-2017

Karen Millen gold-plated gem disc cuff bangle

Ladies' Karen Millen gold-plated gem disc cuff bangle (RRP £125)

From sparkling, diamond-encrusted bangles perfect for the festive party season to bright, kaleidoscopic colours that make a statement, a girl can never have too many bangles.

Whether you're looking to treat yourself or buy a gift, there are a few things you should know: like how to pick the right size so that the bangle can be worn comfortably without slipping off. There are also all kinds of different styles to choose between.

Fortunately, Watch Shop has a vast collection of ladies' bangles so it's going to be easy to find the perfect item - just as soon as you know everything about them.

Step 1: Sizing up your wrist and hand

Swatch Bijoux Pink Rebel bangle, small

Ladies' Swatch Bijoux Pink Rebel bangle, small (RRP £17.50)

While most bangles are designed to hang loosely around the wrist, there are many sizes and fits, with some designed to slip over the hand with ease, and others with a slimmer profile to fit via a clasp. To ensure you get the size right first time, it's worth measuring your wrist and hand.

When measuring wrist size, take a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist so that it fits comfortably. Your wrist size is marked at the point where the tape measure overlaps.

When measuring your hand, you need to make a shape with your thumb tucked against the palm, as though you're about to put a bangle on. Using the tape measure, wrap it around the widest part of your hand to discover your hand size. You may want to ask a partner or friend to help you do this, as it can be a little tricky. Now you're ready to pick out the perfect bangle.

Step 2: Sizing your bangle

Choosing the right bangle is all about determining the fit you're looking for, as well as taking into account the various sizes used by different brands. Check online to find out the size of a particular bangle (sometimes listed as small, medium or large), and then use the following measurements to determine the optimum fit:

  Bangles with no clasp or hinge Bangles with a clasp or hinge
For a loose fit Add 3cm onto your hand size Add 3cm to your wrist measurement
For an average fit Add 2.5cm to your hand size Add 2.5cm to your wrist measurement
Fashion bangles

Perfect for everyday wear or partying, fashion bangles are a versatile accessory; they come in an endless range of styles, colours, or designs. Usually pitched towards the lower end of the price scale, they're an affordable way to flaunt your style.

Chrysalis PVD silver-plated May Lunar Emerald Jade expandable bangle

Ladies' Chrysalis PVD silver-plated May Lunar Emerald Jade expandable bangle (RRP £35)

This unique PVD silver-plated expandable bangle from Chrysalis (RRP £35) looks more expensive than its modest price tag suggests, and is expandable for maximum comfort. Its decorative charms include a Buddha and a striking lunar emerald gem stone. Whether you're at a party or paying at a bar, it's sure to draw compliments.

Oasis bangle

Ladies' Oasis bangle (RRP £14)

Make a style statement with this oversized golden bangle from Oasis (RRP £14). Crafted from tough resin and plastic, it's made to be adjustable and will fit on most wrists comfortably. Wear it on a night out or with more casual outfits, such as simple roll-neck sweaters or t-shirts.

Mid-range bangles

Bangles in the mid-price range throw tonnes more glamour into the mix, ideal for a night on the tiles. Fashionista Karen Millen knows how to create jewellery that commands attention.

Ladies' Karen Millen gold-plated gem disc cuff bangle (RRP £125)

This gold-plated gem cuff (RRP £125) is guaranteed to draw the eye. Encrusted with a multitude of oil-black gems, it captures the dark-and-gold trend and would make the perfect partner to an emerald green dress on a night out.

Michael Kors PVD gold-plated hinged bangle

Ladies' Michael Kors PVD gold-plated hinged bangle (RRP £103)

If you can't get enough of the sleek, NYC high-glam look, then chances are you're a fan of Michael Kors. This unashamedly flash PVD gold-plated bangle (RRP £103) is all shimmer and shine, from its chunky MK tag to the faux diamond-encrusted bangle.

Luxury bangles

If you're celebrating a promotion or hinting for a special gift from a loved one, a high-end luxury bangle made with premium materials should do the trick. Best worn for big occasions, they can work hard to complement your look.

18ct white gold diamond bangle

Ladies' 18ct white gold diamond bangle (RRP £2,055)

This 18-carat white gold diamond bangle (RRP £2,055) is set with five genuine diamonds, which are spaced evenly along its smooth, silvery white gold band. Simple, but the kind of piece that looks every bit as good as its price label suggests.

Jewellery Essentials 9ct gold diamond set bangle

Ladies' Jewellery Essentials 9ct gold diamond set bangle (RRP £1,815)

Diamonds and gold go together like horse and carriage, and can make for the most opulent of accessories. This 9-carat gold bangle (RRP £1,815) features two rows of shimmering genuine diamonds, making this a timeless piece that will never fade in the style stakes. Maybe she'd like a diamond bangle to go with that diamond engagement ring?

Bangles are a jewellery staple that can be used to give a million and one looks a style boost. Discover your new favourite by browsing the entire Watch Shop collection, where close to 600 bangle designs are waiting.


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