Everything about ladies' rose gold jewellery

First published: 15-12-2017

PVD rose plating Anette Bangle

Bracelet: PVD rose plating Anette Bangle (£53) by Skagen

The warm tone and distinctive pinkish tint of rose gold has made it a favourite material throughout the decades: popular among Russian royalty and American 1920s flapper girls alike. It's especially popular today, and seen across everything from wallpaper to kitchenware! But it doesn't get any better than rose gold jewellery.

Sometimes called pink or red gold, it's a beautiful shade that can be paired with crystals and gemstones for an opulent effect, or styled simply to stand out on its own. We tell you everything you need to know about this unusual variety of gold, from what it is to how to care for it, so you can join the trend and embrace a whole new rosy world!

What is rose gold jewellery?

Rose Gold Plated Bee Ring

Ring: Olivia Burton Rose Gold Plated Bee Ring (£35)

Rose gold jewellery is made from a combination of yellow gold and copper, along with other alloys, to create durable pieces that have a rosy tinge. The concentration yellow gold used in the blend determines how many carats a piece of jewellery is - for example, a rose gold ring made from 75% yellow gold and 25% copper would be 18ct.

The amount of copper and silver or nickel used in the jewellery will determine how 'rosy' the final colour is. The more copper, the redder it will be. Alternatively, when more silver or nickel is blended with the copper and gold, the jewellery takes on a pinkish tone.

Choosing rose gold jewellery

rose gold plated French Bulldog necklace

Necklace: Ted Baker ladies' rose gold plated French Bulldog necklace (£45)

Those looking for less expensive options can find plenty of rose gold plated pieces, in which stainless steel is covered with a thin layer of rose gold to create a pinkish finish. Items made solely from rose gold tend to be more expensive, as a higher concentration of precious yellow gold is used to make the item.

When it comes to choosing rose gold jewellery, you can generally find three different colour variations, based on the ratio of copper, gold, and other alloys.

Pretty in pink

When mixed with a higher amount of silver or nickel, rose gold takes on a pinkish tinge. This gives it a softer and more subtle finish, making it great for those looking for especially feminine or understated pieces.

Olivia Burton flower show daisy open-ended ring

Olivia Burton flower show daisy open-ended ring (£35)

This flower show daisy open-ended ring (£35) by Olivia Burton has a soft PVD rose plated finish, which complements the bohemian-inspired charm. It's a simple yet unique piece that can bring a hint of fun to any ensemble.

Ted Baker Opia Opulent bow necklace

Ted Baker Opia Opulent bow necklace (£45)

In keeping with the feminine effect of pinkish rose gold, the Opia Opulent bow necklace (£45) by Ted Baker is unapologetically girly. The delicate chain pairs perfectly with the bow-shaped charm, which will stand out boldly against a black blouse or cocktail dress to make a striking, coppery statement.

Sophisticated in rose

Falling somewhere between pink and red, the even rosier variety of rose gold is both classic and unusual. The most popular strain of rose gold, it's a great choice if you're looking for an elegant piece of jewellery that will separate you from the crowd.

Links of London Timeless Extension bracelet

Links of London Timeless Extension bracelet (£325)

Contrasting a bold geometric design against a delicate chain, the Timeless Extension bracelet (£325) by Links of London will add an air of elegance to a classic skirt-and-blouse combo. Made from sterling silver and plated with rose gold, it's a luxurious piece that transitions effortlessly from day to night.

Halcyon Days rose gold plated Salamander bangle

Halcyon Days rose gold plated Salamander bangle (£130)

The versatile quality of rose gold means it looks good with almost everything, as proved by this rose gold plated Salamander bangle (£130) Halcyon Days. The rosy tinge shines through the black, scale-inspired pattern, to create a strikingly modern statement piece.

Make a statement in red

Rose gold that has been blended with a high concentration of copper takes on a rich, red finish, making it the boldest variant of rose gold jewellery. It's a perfect choice if you're looking for a statement accessory that will finish off your outfit with a touch of flair.

Calvin Klein rose gold plated informal ring

Calvin Klein rose gold plated informal ring (£79)

This informal ring (£79) by Calvin Klein is plated in a deep reddish rose gold, in keeping with the brand's sophisticated style. With a chunky design and deep, ruby-rose colour, it'll bring a satisfying flash of '90s-inspired glamour to whatever you happen to be wearing.

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette ring

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette ring (£49)

For a playful take on the rose gold trend, the Choupette ring (£49) by the always quirky Karl Lagerfeld uses reddish rose gold plating to create a cute, cat-shaped design. It's a fun and edgy piece that's sure to charm animal-lovers and anyone else who appreciates accessories that are a little bit off-beat.

How to care for rose gold jewellery

PVD rose plated ring

Swarovski PVD rose plated ring (£125)

To keep your rose gold jewellery in pristine condition and looking fresh, it's important to take the time to care for it. By following a few simple steps, you can maintain its rosy shine for years:

  • Depending on the concentration of gold within it, rose gold jewellery can be prone to scratching - remove it before carrying out any activities where it could get caught or bumped against something.
  • Don't allow jewellery to be exposed to chemicals or water for longs periods of time - remove before doing things like swimming, bathing, or washing dishes.
  • When not wearing it, store your rose gold jewellery in a soft fabric case, to protect it from harmful materials and scratches.

Rose gold jewellery has a timeless quality and is sure to earn a coveted place in your jewellery box. There are plenty of tones and designs to choose from - browse the full range of rose gold jewellery to find the perfect piece that suits your unique style.


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