Eve is new timepiece by Perrelet

First published: 06-09-2010

The newest timepiece from watch maker Perrelet has been unveiled, blending a sense of femininity and emotion together for fans of elegance.

Simply called Eve, the timepiece comes in two different colours, one which glistens in a black ceramic case and the other a bright white ceramic version, Watch Luxus has reported.

Each of these are then offered with a choice of two straps, with a ceramic bracelet competing with a more surprising design of a rubber strap, which is coloured the same as the shade of the case. This puts the total number of options up to four.

Looking at the watch face goes further to highlight "creativity, authenticity and quality" of the company that has introduced the timepiece.

The dial is available in either black or white and is then filled with Arabic numerals and a range of petal-shaped appliques for all the hour markers except for the three, nine and twelve marker. The six marker completes the set up and is made up of a petal that displays the date inside it.

Finishing off the design is a pattern of the company's 'P' logo that runs around the entire border of the watch face to make a watch screaming of quality.


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