Eminem to showcase limited-edition Casio

First published: 04-12-2013

US rapper Eminem has teamed up with Casio to produce a new limited-edition watch.

The collaboration has been brought about to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand's G-SHOCK range.

Available from this Saturday (December 7th), the GDX6900MNM-1 timepiece has been personalised with an individual Eminem graphic design, as well as an outline of the Detroit skyline, which is where the performer is from.

Eminem himself is an avid watch collector and has been seen wearing G-SHOCK watches on several occasions in both his music videos and live performances.

Casio America's chairman Shigenori Itoh said: "Eminem has an immense and loyal fan base around the world, as does G-SHOCK, making this collaboration one that will connect closely with many thousands of collective fans."

The watch itself will go on sale for a price of $180 (£110).

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