El Primero Tourbillon new from Zenith

First published: 29-12-2010

Watchmaker Zenith has provided a host of details about one of its newest timepieces, which may encourage a purchase.

Called the El Primero Tourbillon, the model is being offered to fashion watch fans in a finish of either stainless steel or rose gold.

There are plenty of other appealing elements within the watch's face too, including time being read with ease thanks to 325 components making up the product's movement.

As well as reading the current time via the hour, minute and second hands, consumers will also be able to view the date on the border of a carriage, which allows wearers to also get a peak into the inner mechanics of the watch.

Finishing off the El Primero Tourbillon is an elegant alligator strap, with a choice of either a brown or black tone.

Zenith has recently revealed the Christophe Colomb, which should easily catch the eye of watch fans due to a giant bubble featuring on its face, containing a "Cardan suspension", Hodinkee reported.


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