Duchess of Cornwall gets a fake watch as a gift

First published: 29-05-2013

The Duchess of Cornwall is usually clad in the finest jewellery and expensive watches, but she was given an especially inexpensive timepiece when she enjoyed a visit to Paris this week.

Camilla was in the French capital to give a speech for the charity Emmaus and although she admitted beforehand that she was nervous about speaking in another language, it went very well.

Afterwards, she was given a tour around the Emmaus community and a charity sales warehouse where homeless people can repurpose recycled goods and sell them on.

When she took a shine to a sparkly ladies' watch, the British ambassador Sir Peter Ricketts bought it for her for the princely sum of around £8 and gave it to her as a gift.

"I don't think it's the real thing. It's just a really nice watch," the Duchess laughed.

Usually we would caution against buying watches from outlets that aren't trusted retailers, but we'll make an exception as this was for charity. When you're on your holidays though, don't be tempted as you'll probably end up with something that breaks very quickly - stock up at Watch Shop before you go instead.


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