Domenico Dolce recalls his love affair with mens watches

First published: 30-05-2012

Domenico Dolce, one half of the brand behind D&G watches, opened up about his lifelong love affair with fine timepieces, during a recent interview.

Watch fans and fashionistas alike undoubtedly need no introduction to the duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, two halves of the D&G fashion brand.

A living, breathing style dynasty, the pair have been producing fine clothes and even finer watches for men and women since way back in 1985.

And yet, while fashion has dominated much of their work over the years, in the case of Domenico Dolce, it appears that watches have remained a prime concern of the Sicilian-born style powerhouse.

Speaking in a recent interview with the Guardian, Dolce opened up about his love of fine mens watches and how this drove him to produce some of the most distinctive timepieces on the market today.

"To us a watch is an item to love, collect, pass down," he said.

"I love when people wear watches that once belonged to their grandfathers or fathers. I would love if this was the case with our watches in the future."

The comments provided a fascinating insight into the mindset of one half of the fashion world's great creators and served as a timely reminder of the stylish D&G watches available to anyone with an eye for a good purchase.

Among the modern classics currently available for men, the D&G Prime Time large watch is a highlight.

Crafted with a striking silver dial design that is accompanied by a stone set bezel and stone set dial, this sophisticated timepiece comes with the familiar stainless steel bracelet and is priced at £170.

But for those seeking a more contemporary style on a budget, the D&G Medicine Man watch could be just the ticket.

Featuring a funky multi-coloured dial, numeral hour markers and chunky side button detailing- few timepieces offer the same kind of retro chic look offered by this piece.

What is more, at a price of just £62.50 this could be the perfect gift for a summer of stylish looks.


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