Digital watches offer 'safe and accurate investment'

First published: 24-07-2009

Digital watches, with their accuracy and agreeable price-points, are always a good investment for those unsure of what to get themselves, it has been asserted.

Michael Gartenberg, the vice-president of strategy analysis at Interpret and an avid blogger for leading technology website SlashGear, said that they are so reliable, even the cheapest Timex watch will keep time better than the most expensive Rolex.

Furthermore, many companies still continue to offer particularly great designs, with Fossil watches' Palm model being a classic, he continued.

Mr Gartenberg also complimented other "amazing, cool" designs from more accessible brands, such as Casio watches - despite much of their line-up now reverting to "basic utilitarian stuff" which many people demand in the current market.

Last week, another blogger - Scott Stein from Cnet - said Casiodigital watches are in dire need of a comeback, noting how classic designs from the 1980s still stand firm in the eyes of modern-day critics.


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