Digital watches are 'fashionable retro investment'

First published: 18-06-2009

The popularity of the digital watch in modern times is hardly surprising, according to a style critic.

Simon Mills of the Guardian explained that the "clunky, trashy, nerdy and cool" digital watch was popular for good reason, with the nostalgic qualities of the timepieces being an appealing quality in today's trends.

He said that while they provide a cheap solution to many people's desire to tell the time, watches also provide a good anti-luxury item for people who are too rough-and-ready to endanger more luxury items, such as Michael Kors watches.

Editor of luxury horology magazine QP James Gurney told Mr Mills that many have a renewed interest in digital watches due to the likes of New York watchmakers Nooka, which do not even use numbers to show the time.

He continued: "If you aren't looking to spend money on a quality analogue watch, the digital market is really where it's at."

At the other end of the scale, luxury watches made the news last week when a range of famous timepieces went up for auction at the Important Collectors' Wristwatches Pocket Watch & Clocks Sale, including Steve McQueen's TAG Heuer Monaco.


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