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Geeky watches 'becoming fashionable'

Posted: 04-05-2012

Finding a digital watch that has an interesting or unusual display could be the perfect way to make an impact with your timepiece.

Electronic watches 'offer greater accuracy'

Posted: 28-12-2011

Watch fans who are looking for a new timepiece could decide to wear an electronic watch due to the precision which the device offers.

Digital watch 'does not need battery'

Posted: 26-10-2011

A new timepiece has been developed which does not need to be wound up or have a battery in it, as movement helps it to function.

Braun to relaunch 1970s watches

Posted: 14-04-2011

Braun has revealed that it is to relaunch one of its digital watch ranges, which it first created in the 1970s with the aid of Dieter Rams.

Retro embrace ''boosts popularity of mechanical and digital watches''

Posted: 23-02-2010

There is a large number of people looking to get involved with old-school watch offerings despite the advent of their popular, more accurate new counterparts, it is said.

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