Digital watch 'does not need battery'

First published: 26-10-2011

A digital watch has been developed which does not need to use a battery or be wound up.

The new Sparc MGS timepiece has been developed by Ventura Watches and allows the wearer to keep the watch charged by simply wearing it.

When the person moves their arms, the movement keeps the watch ticking over.

In addition, it does not have to be on the wrist constantly to work, as the way that the energy is stored in it means it will function for up to 45 days without being worn.

Its LED face has a display for the time, date and dual time zones, as well as running an OS, which means it could receive some updates to the software in the future.

The new timepieces could demonstrate the view of John Biggs, editor of, who recently said that it is likely watch design will become more complicated in the future.  


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