Diesel watches 'not known for subtlety'

First published: 16-07-2010

Anyone in search of a subtle timepiece should perhaps not go for Diesel watches, it has been suggested.

These designs are known for being large and vibrant, Peter Farrar noted in a piece for abcarticledirectory.com.

He suggested that people tend to express their personalities through their Diesel watches and with nearly 200 designs to choose from, there is sure to be one to suit.

The writer continued: "A man that would like the Diesel brand is someone that knows what they're looking for.

"Even if there was some uncertainty, browsing through what Diesel has to offer will surely help you come to a conclusion."

Women will also find there are plenty of Diesel watches to suit them, because many of the timepieces are very feminine and flirty, he added.

Earlier this month, dieselwatch.amdatablog.com noted that these timepieces go beyond convention and provide great urban styling to the market.


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