Diesel watches 'go beyond convention'

First published: 07-07-2010

There is something highly unconventional and stylish about Diesel watches, it has been claimed.

They demonstrate the best in urban styling and ensure the wearer really stands out from their friends, noted dieselwatch.amdatablog.com.

It suggested that the Diesel Stealth watch is one of the most popular on the market, as it comes with an extra wide leather strap and "unique rectangular case".

"Available in options of brown or black dial and cuff this water resistant timepiece is sure to get you compliments," the article continued.

It added that the digital DZ7123 is perfect for those who require a water-resistant Diesel watch, while also boasting a sturdy leather strap and two-tone case.

Last month, lookthatuponline.com said that Diesel watches offer consumers "unrivalled quality" and only make use of the finest materials such as leather and stainless steel.

Their high-quality exteriors mean they are sure to stand out from the crowd, it added.


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