Diesel watches ''go beyond convention''

First published: 13-05-2010

Diesel watches provide their wearers with something out of the ordinary, one jewellery enthusiast has claimed.

In a blog for 22centuryonline.com, M Faraz Shah indicated that Diesel watches go beyond convention and offer a range of retro yet futuristic designs.

Among the most popular designs for men is the analog-DZ1279 or Diesel Stealth, they explained, which comes complete with an extra-wide strap and "unique rectangular case".

Its movements are precise, the blogger identified, while its resistance to water and choice of coloured dials just add to its appeal.

"If you''re looking for something really cool and trendy go for the digital DZ7123, a digital dial, brown leather strap watch for men," Shah recommended.

Earlier this month, an article for workoninternet.com suggested that Diesel watches are created with the intention of grabbing people''s attention.

It said that there is nothing ordinary about the watch brand, especially its Diesel Premium collection.


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