Diesel watches: Fashion label opens Miami swimwear show

First published: 26-07-2010

Diesel watch fans attending the Salon Allure boutique show today (July 16th) will no doubt be pleased with the appearance of the fashion label's new swim line.

The opening of the show, which will be taking place on Miami's W South Beach, will be presented by Diesel, which featured in this year's Sex and the City 2 movie.

A range of other designers are also set to go on show at the Designer's Swimwear Presentation, where Diesel watch fans may find inspiration of how best to pair their timepieces with a swimsuit.

Diesel will no doubt be keen to improve its public image after it was widely reported that two of its most recent adverts were banned by the UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) following complaints.

The 'Smart May Have The Brain, But Stupid Has The Balls' campaign posters were displayed in a number of magazines and appeared on billboards.


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