Dewitt unveils the Twenty-8-Eight Automatic

First published: 02-03-2011

Fashion watch fans looking to purchase a device which is unlike anything else currently on the market may want to check out a new Dewitt timepiece.

Entitled the Twenty-8-Eight Automatic, one of the most eye-catching features of this product is the way that the face has been designed, Watch Luxus reported.

In the centre of the dial comes a light flame pattern, which "provides incredible life to the dial, as the slightest wrist movement will animate the flames in graceful reflections".

Outside of this design is a "regular and reassuring sunray" that is the basis of the time-reading aspect of the timepiece.

Some other rich features of the Dewitt Twenty-8-Eight Automatic include a 43mm round case, styled in either rose or white gold tones.

Dewitt, which has been entertaining watch fans with unique timepieces since 2003, has finished this particular ticker off with a series of satin-brushed surfaces, to further enhance its elegance.


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