Deep-sea survival expert meets Rolex watch fans to celebrate landmark dive

First published: 02-02-2010

Don Walsh, a retired US Navy captain, is one of only two people in human history to descend to the deepest ocean floor on earth and only one special timepiece can make the same claim as it accompanied him.

On Friday, January 22nd, people across southern California had an exclusive opportunity to see both of them in action.

Rolex South Coast Plaza hosted a celebration of the historic 1960 exploration known as the Deepest Dive, paying tribute to Captain Walsh and unveiling the authentic Rolex Deepsea timepiece that survived the 36,000-foot descent inside the submersible bathyscaph Trieste which was piloted by the naval officer.

The prototype Rolex watch managed to survive eight tons of pressure per square inch as it plunged to the bottom of the depths of the Mariana Trench, over seven miles beneath the ocean's surface.

Terry Weiner, Rolex South Coast Plaza president and chief executive officer, said: "What Captain Walsh, Mr Piccard and the Rolex team accomplished 50 years ago stands as a seminal moment in the history of deep sea scientific exploration.

"We are thrilled to host and pay tribute to their magnificent achievement."

Rolex watches have been on many other major expeditions alongside the deep sea exploration mission, including the top of Everest and across the English Channel with the first female swimmer to successfully complete the feat.


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