Deck Watch released by Archimede

First published: 05-10-2010

Timepiece fans looking to purchase a watch with a simple-to-read face may be interested in a model by Archimede.

That is because the company, which has over 80 years of expertise within the watch industry, has kept to basics with its Deck Watch, Hodinkee has reported.

Watch fans worried that this may make the timepiece unattractive can be assured that this is actually the opposite, according to the authors of the website's article.

It stated: "I can see this watch holding its own in terms of quality against watches with much heftier pricetags."

When first looking at the Deck Watch's face, features that stand out instantly include the way that the white dial clashes with the black markers to make them stand out and easy to read.

A ring just above the six o'clock position is another handy feature from the German watchmaker – allowing for seconds to be read from within the face instead of providing a third hand on the main time.


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