DeLaneau details the Atame watch

First published: 25-11-2010

Artistic watch manufacturer DeLaneau has revealed the latest addition to its range, which may intrigue timepiece fans in need of a new product for the winter months.

Entitled the Atame, which translates as 'tie me' in Spanish, the watch comes with a smaller case than others in the company's collection, such as the Amazone and Dome watches.

However, it keeps with many elements of the DeLaneau style of design, with pure and simple lines, a nudge towards the Art Deco period of the artistic timeline, and plenty of references to the fine art world.

A range of luxury materials have been implemented onto the Atame too, such as a curved sapphire glass, which protects the dial – and a rectangular case being adorned with diamonds.

Four links give a unique touch to the watch by DeLaneau, which has been designing rich watches since 1949, as well as keeping the case and suede leather strap together.


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